Debt is an ever-growing problem many Americans face. If your debt situation feels too much to handle, it may be tempting to consider bankruptcy your only choice. Before you make that leap, make sure you have a thorough understanding of exactly what bankruptcy means and all the other options available.  Bankruptcy  Experienced personal and business bankruptcy attorney James Shenwick defines bankruptcy as “when your liabilities exceed your assets or you have insufficient cash flow to service or pay your debt.” View Article
After years of repeated attempts, Florida is inching towards the finish line for repealing its motor vehicle no-fault law, which has been in place for five decades. However, many in the industry oppose legislation the Florida Senate passed, along with the companion bill the House Judiciary Committee approved. Some note that the proposals will end up raising rates for many Florida drivers and are ineffective at pinpointing fraud. Currently, Florida’s no fault law stipulates that drivers must carry personal injury View Article


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